Whole almonds, goji berries, sesame…

Oh Louisette!
Central actor of the granola revolution, this visionary is always one neck ahead.
She fought for recognition of the marriage of flavors in France and gives us a recipe like a concentrate of life. Antioxidant and source of protein.



Tasting suggestion : as a topping on a yogurt, an ice cream, with chopped fruits or just with your fingers.

Buckwheat seeds*, almonds*(19,2%), sunflower seeds*, agave syrup*, whole sesame*(9%), goji berries*(5,6%), pumpkin seeds*, millet*, brown flax seeds*, chia seeds*, coconut*, natural vanilla flavour*, salt.
*Ingredient from organic farming.
Allergens are in bold. May contain traces of other nuts, soy and peanuts.


1 serving (35g) 100g
Calories 164 kcal
686 kJ
468 kcal
1959 kJ
Fats 9.3 26.6
including saturated fats 1.4 4
Carbohydrates 14.2 40.6
including sugars 4.3 12.3
Dietary Fiber 3.3 9.4
Protein 4.9 14
Salt 0.03 0.08



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Weight 1 kg


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