• granola cacao noisette chocolat
    Cocoa, hazelnuts, chocolate chips... Minister of Gourmandise and responsible for granola crunchiness, Marilou is the initiator of article Miam 243 which stipulates that no noise of "scrumsh-scrumsh" should take place during the crucial dialogues of a movie.  
  • granola noix datte cannelle MIAM REPUBLIQUE
    Walnuts, dates, cinnamon, almonds ... His name is Tom. Miam République's incomparable treasurer. He manages the state’s seed reserves with an iron wing. The expert of the good recipe that is crumbling under dates.. Such a lover. An exceptional gourmet for a recipe that is just as much.
  • granola figues amandes graines MIAM REPUBLIQUE
    Figs, whole almonds, seeds... Chairman of the committee against boring breakfasts, Alexandre fights a merciless war against preservatives and defends tooth and nail the benefits of granola.    
  • granola baie de Goji sesame amande MIAM REPUBLIQUE
    Whole almonds, goji berries, sesame... Oh Louisette! Central actor of the granola revolution, this visionary is always one neck ahead. She fought for recognition of the marriage of flavors in France and gives us a recipe like a concentrate of life. Antioxidant and source of protein.  
  • granola noix du bresil, chocolat, noix de coco
    Brazil nuts, dark chocolate, coconut... Hey Jo ! Let's peck... This activist is leading a campaign against all additives and excess sugar.  
  • granola baie de Goji sesame amande MIAM REPUBLIQUE
    Peanut butter, banana... Arlette loves discovering new things. As an active member of Miam République, she tirelessly searches for the perfect combination of new flavors. This recipe is pretty much the American version of granola, it's so good for you, has a low glycemic index, and it feels like a treat. So crunchy Arlette !